Programme current as at 18 March, however subject to change

Wednesday 20 March

0900 Welcome / Opening
0910 Keynote – Electric and Autonomous vehicles. Dean Sheed, European Motor Distributors
0930 Keynote – Why Customers Matter; How REG will help you meet customer expectations.  Malcolm Alexander, LGNZ and Jim Harland, NZ Transport Agency
1000 Two coat or not two coat, that is the question.  David Alexander, Road Science
1020 Morning Tea
1050 Emergency Event Management – not just an operational challenge.  Hamish Featonby, Downer NZ
1110 Incorporating drainage condition in optimising pavement performance.  Hui Chen, Downer Group (Australia) and Blair Cochran, Downer NZ
1130 You were right – The REG data quality project.  Dawn Inglis, RATA, Waikato Road Asset Technical Accord and REG Evidence and Insight work group chair
1150 Exploring the science of business transformation.  Glenn Fawcett
1210 Q&A for the above speakers
1230 Lunch
1330 Rapid Downloads
1435 Defining customer levels of service for the repair of cyclone damaged coastal revetments.  Matt Balkham ,WSP Opus
1455 Competency and capacity in New Zealand Transport Sector.  Adam Bevins, Downer NZ
1515 Q&A for the above speakers
1520 Afternoon tea
1550 RIMS update
1600 Keynote – Hiding in plain sight.Bernard Hickey
1650 Awards – Innovation and Best Presentation day 1
1700 Wrap up of day 1
1700 IPWEA NZ Special General Meeting
1715 Happy hour around the trade
1930 Social Function – Market night – Glenroy Auditorium, Dunedin Centre

Thursday 21 March

0815 Welcome
0820 Keynote: The Role of Asset Management when organisations change faster than road condition. Dr Ian Greenwood
0900 Break into three streams – Corridor Mangement, Optimised Decision Making and Data to Deliver

  Corridor Management - click here for full detailsOptimised Decision Making - click here for full detailsData to Delivery - click here for full details
09105Intro from Chair Intro from Chair Intro from Chair
NZUAG - the year ahead - Paul Swain, NZUAG, Ross Malcolm, Vector & Ian Cox, NZ Transport AgencyOptimised decision making for the transport sector. Myles Lind, NZ Transport AgencyBetter data quality - it's not magic. Glen Fawcett
There are lies, damned lies and Key Performance Data. Charles Agate, Wellington City CouncilUsing road network performance analysis for effective road asset management. Ross Waugh, Waugh Infrastructure Management LtdONRC - An Evolution. Ben Wong and Simon Fendall
The use of UAV's to assist Road Corridor Management. David Stewart, WSP Opus Roadmap to LTP 2021. Elke Beca, WSP OpusCentral Otago's responses to embed ONRC: The change from operational to tactical management of our unsealed roads. Andy Bartlett, Central Otago District Council
101010Q&A for above speakersQ&A for above speakersQ&A for above speakers
102030Morning teaMorning teaMorning tea
1050Collaboration with utilities - how do local authorities survive? Tracy Bell, Timaru District CouncilIDS Project update. Analytics for the short and medium-term planning of unsealed roads. Theuns Henning, Auckland University Coming soon - a national Roading Asset Management Data Standard. Myles Lind, NZ Transport Agency
An alternative to steel plates. Ollie McLean, VanguardSteps toward multi-asset treatment optimisation. Fritz Jooste, LonrixDowner Survey - digitising our operational business. Andrew Dickson, Downer NZ
The changing face of urban mobility. Claire Pascoe, NZ Transport AgencyCommunicating the Investment Story - IDS Dashboard Development. Tim Cross, WSP Opus and Elke Beca, WSP Opus The dark art of data and analysis - What we do in the shadows. Richard Lovell, Timaru District Council
Temuka Trunk Water Main - Urgent unplanned replacement. Ashley Harper, Timaru District Council How strong is your bridge? Optimising New Zealand's longest road bridge. Jeremy Waldin, WSP OpusData driven maintenance & renewal contracts. Simon Gough, GHD

Together in perfect harmony. Kris Garner, Fulton Hogan
120510Q&A for above speakersQ&A for above speakersQ&A for above speakers
1315It's not always a pretty picture: Roadworks and what they mean to Utilities. Tanya Bowers, ChorusBack to the 70's, the birth of NZ Road Management. John Hallett, Beca Implementation of asset management standard ISO 55000 for Road Network Maintenance Management contract. Nabin Pradhan, Downer NZ
Traffic control devices (road signs, marking and signals). Mark Edwards, NZ Transport AgencyThe next step - modelling Foothpath Assets in dTIMS. Andy Bartlett, Central Otago District Council and Paul O'Docherty, DeightonClient Leadership closing the competency gap. David Langford, New Plymouth District Council
beforeUdig Technology snapshot and drone usage. Andrew Healy, beforeUDig and Justin Bell, Sub Service Detection Empowering senior asset investment planning and decision making. Steven Finlay, I.Equip, Local Government New ZealandStep-change in procurement capability: How's it done? Caroline Boot, Clever Buying
Applications of satellite imagery for Road Risk Analyses. Selwyn McCracken, Stantec Transforming footpath data to dollars - Lessons learned. Gregg Morrow, WSP Opus
143510Q&A for above speakersQ&A for above speakersQ&A for above speakers
144530Afternoon teaAfternoon teaAfternoon tea

1445 Afternoon tea
1515 Awards – Best presentations ODM, CM and Data to Delivery
1525 Keynote: Is a target of zero road deaths meaningless? Michael Naylor
1555 Close / depart